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Seeing a family dentist like Dr. Marc Chhina and Dr. Mandi Chhina not only helps your immediate family maintain their oral health, it’s incredibly convenient. They can address dental needs for every family member at every stage of life, from young infants who get their first tooth to grandparents who may require dentures. If you’re looking for high-quality family dentistry, call or book an appointment online at Pinole Family Dental in Pinole, California.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is concerned with the oral hygiene and the dental health of your entire immediate family. A family dentist can treat everyone in your immediate family of any age.

As family dentists, Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi offer regular teeth cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments, orthodontics, and treatments for gum disease. They also offer cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, teeth whitening and other procedures.

Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi recommend that you and your family schedule twice-yearly dental checkups. That allows them to detect potential problems early and treat them before they advance in severity.

Which conditions do family dentists look for during a check-up?

For example, during a regular exam, Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi might check the lymph nodes in your neck and head to look for anything out of the ordinary. They might also examine your lower jaw structure for signs of a TMJ disorder.

Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi can also check for chipped teeth, broken teeth, or damaged fillings. If you have dental implants or appliances, it’s critical to have these regularly checked as well.

They also check for signs of cavities. Cavities that go undetected can lead to severe tooth damage, the need for a root canal, removal of the entire tooth, or even underlying bone damage.

When looking for signs of cavity formation, Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi look for discolored or stained areas on your tooth. Dental X-rays and examination of your teeth with dental tools might also uncover potential cavities.

Can a family dentist treat everyone in my family?

Think of Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi as super dentists: they can do it all for everyone in your family!

Dr. Marc and Dr. Mandi can treat your child as they grow, and ensure that children who play sports have the proper protective gear. They also address the special needs of seniors who may have gum disease, osteoporosis, or cosmetic dentistry needs.